DECAN S2 is a model in the DECAN range from Hanwha Techwin. Due to todays technology getting smaller and more compact, the demand for more accurate and repeatable machines.

Capable of placing 03015 components with Placement Accuracy of ±25µ@3σ/QFP, ±28µ@3σ/03015 Chip

Another development is the conveyor option improvements allowing placement of PCB’s up to 1200mm x 460mm (optional)

– Electric Feeders with automatic adjustment pocket positions

– High Accuracy ±25µ@3σ/QFP, ±28µ@3σ/03015 Chip

– 03015 component recognition as standard

– Large PCB Size of up to 1200mm x 460mm

– 120 x 8mm Feeder Capacity


Optimizing PCB transportation paths for productivity improvement

Modular Conveyors

    ■ An optimal conveyor model configuration is possible according to production line composition (shuttle ↔ dual) applied with a modular conveyor that is replaceable on site.

   ■ PCB supply time is shortened as a result of high-speed shuttle conveyor operation. Minimized head path for improved equipment speed

Twin Servo Control

    ■ Ensuring high-speed operation with a linear motor application to the Y axis, and twin servo control High-speed Flying Head

    ■ Minimized head movement path through recognizing parts during transportation following parts installation

    ■ 10-spindle head with individually operating Z axes



Placement Accuracy: ±28㎛ (03015), ±25㎛ (IC)

    ■ Applied with a high-precision linear scale and rigid mechanism

    ■ Provides precision calibration algorithms and diverse automatic calibration functions



Provides optimal line solutions through versatility and productivity improvement


    ■ Optimal line configuration from chips to uniquely-shaped components according to options setup

Equipment capable of responding to large-scale PCBs, which can be remodeled on site 

    ■ Standard equipment can be remodeled on site to equipment capable of large-scale PCB handling 

     – Responsive to a maximum 1,200 x 460mm PCB 

Responsive to uniquely-shaped components (including tray components)


■ Speed : 92,000 CPH (Optimum, HS10 Head)

■ Structure : 2 Gantry x 10 Spindles/Head

■ Accuracy : ±28μm Cpk≥1.0 (03015 Chip) 

±25μm Cpk≥1.0 (IC)

■ Parts Size : 03015 ~ 12mm, H10mm

■ PCB Size : 50 x 40 ~ 510 x 460mm (Standard) 

~ 740 x 460mm (Option) 

~ 1,200 x 460mm (Option)

Decan Series