SMT Solution - Pemtron

Advanced High Speed Inspection and Measurement Technology


3D SPI (Solder Paste Inspection)

Pemtron’s color 3D solder paste inspection (3D SPI) device uses the latest color algorithm to produce images like the actual PCB.

Our 3D solder paste inspection (3D SPI) device allows for great convenience and accuracy for our customers. Existing 3D image expresses the height as a color map.

However, the color 3D solder paste inspection (Color 3D SPI) connects 2D colored images with 3D measuring data to provide detailed and accurate 3D color images, making the operation of equipment much easier.

Pemtron Key Technologies

  • Fast – 3D high speed inspection with the stripe pattern projection
  • Reliable – 2D / 3D combined inspection Shadow Effect Prevention
  • Accuracy – Automatic zero point setting
  • Precise – Automatic warpage compensation by image recognition
  • Technology – Composite color image processing Patent
  • Ease of Use – Simple inspection recipe management & Programming in 5 minutes

TROI-7700H / TROI-7700HD

3D AOI (Automated Optical Inspection System)

Shadowless Phase Measuring Profilometry

Pemtron, EAGLES 4MP 8 Projector 3D AOI inspects 100% of the PCB in 2D and 3D. Combining the 2 technologies gives a complete optical inspection of a PCB shadow free and low false calls maintaining a high flexibility in system functionality.

High Speed Inspection Technology

EAGLES High Speed Option inspects in 40.5cm sq. per sec. by utilizing an advanced network of more robust CPU, controller boards and our proprietary developed 9MP 15um 150fps camera with telecentric lens.

Eagle 3D 8800 Series In-line

Eagle 3D 8800TL Off-line

Eagle Through Hole 3D AOI

Inspection Type

Solder, Damaged part & component, Lifted lead, Height, Distance between chips, Shift Tilt, High/Low volume, Rotation, Bridge, Tombstone, Reverse, OCV, Missing, Wrong chip, Pattern.

  • Provides high speed and accurate inspection
  • Realize renovative work efficiency
  • Provides the latest tools for product quality control
  • Easy to manage SMT line (Integrated management system)
  • Customized economical SMT line management



Lifted Lead


Upside down








CI (Conformal Coating Inspection System)

Double Side Inspection Through Reversal

Able to Measure Coating Thickness
Precise measurement using refraction of light

Real-Time Process & Quality Control Solution
Real-Time communication between SPI+AOI+CI during production

Inspection Result Info Auto Sync
Use as a tool to Improve quality management

TROI-8800 CI

SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)

High Performance & Excellent Price
The PS series SEM has been designed to bridge the gap between tabletop SEMs and higher priced standard SEMs. Our SEMs offer performance at an excellent value. The PS-230 SEM price is comparable to tabletop SEMs and offers better performance and capability. The PS series SEM provides 3nm resolution (@30kV) which is the ultimate resolution for conventional tungsten SEMs.

Optional Items for the PS Series SEM
The PS series SEM has a number of options available for enhanced analytical capability and ease of use.

  • Low vacuum
  • Back Scatter Electron Detector (BSE)
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS)
  • Electron Backscatter Detection (EBSD)
  • Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy (WDS)
  • Chamber scope
  • Ion sputtering system
  • Joystick and trackball control

Fast Sample Exchange
The PS series is designed to handle samples up to 140mm with minimum pump down time. Users can exchange samples and be imaging in 3 minutes.

Quick and Easy Operation
Imaging is quick and easy with the PS series SEM. The user interface and navigation system allow non-experts to take quality images.

GUI Functions for Easy Operation

  • Auto Controls
  • Navigation
  • Image Manager
  • Auto Controls

Compact SEM PS230 / Analytic SEM PS-250