PCBA Solution - KBC

SMT PCB Cutting Supporter


PCB Splitting Machine / PCB Cutter

MODEL: EM-260M / EM-360M / EM-460M

  • High precision cutting machine without stress
    • Cutting is performed without motor drive, resulting in the following benefit
    • Easy on the environment with little dust or static electricity
    • Does not generate seismic waves or shock waves
    • High precision cutting without allow intersecting of the upper and lower blades
    • Each cut takes only 3 ~ 4 sec
    • No severing action, so there is no wear on the blade tip
  • Switching system for manual and semi-auto by motor
  • Sensor position Movement

Motor Operation for Upper Blade Board Sending Digital Count Meter

  • Counter unit: 1 (1 ~ 999)
    • Initializes to 0 by using reset button
  • Power consumption: 100 ~ 240V SMPS, 50W DC24V
  • At stop: 4W
  • At no-load operation: 15W
  • At load operation: 25W