SM481 Plus


SM481 PLUS is a new generation of chipshooter from Hanwha. Single Gantry with 10 Placement Heads.Optional upward camera can convert this chip shooter into a fast flexible placer. Its placement speed is  40’000 CPH. One-gantry structure having a high-speed piano head with 10 nozzles.

Able to produce long boards with lengths of up to 1,500mm.

Production speed and component coverage suitable for general-purpose high-speed placement

General-purpose high-speed machine among SM series component
placers, which applies a high-speed piano head with 10 nozzles and an
option for an upward camera.

1,500mm long board

Two-staged placement using an extended conveyor allows production of long boards with lengths of up to 1,500mm.

– Applicable to 1,500mm Long Board mounting through two stepped placement using an extension conveyor.

– Allows mixed use of electric and pneumatic feeders in the same feeder base, minimizing production investment costs by using existing feeders together

– Alignment: Fly Camera + Fix Camera (Option)
– Spindle & Speed: 1 Gantry * 10 Spindle / 40,000 CPH
– Accuracy: ±40μm@±3σ (Chip) / ±30μm@±3σ(QFP)
– Component: Fly: 0402 ~ □16mm / Fix: ~□55mm, L75mm Connector
– Dimension: L 1,650 x D 1,680 x H 2,090

SM Plus Series