SM482 Plus


SM482 PLUS can be applied to components from 0603mm ~22mm. In addition, it can recognize components 42mm with 0.4mm fine pitch.

Production speed and component coverage suitable for general-purpose high-speed placement.

Adopts high speed piano head with one gantry and six spindles.

The component library has more than 1800 preloaded shapes, and the new polygon algorithm can detect any complex shape.


Powerful Camera algorithm

Increases the recognition accuracy using the component image noise removal function and auto-teaching function. The Fly camera helps recognize and calibrate the components including Chip, TR, BGA, QFP, etc., while moving them to the placement position after pickup.

● Automatic Real Time Pickup Position Calibration System
● Polygon Function Abstracts and recognizes a component wholly

Panorama view

For components whose size exceeds the FOV of a camera, the panorama view function that combines split component images into one is used. The solution optimized for irregular shaped SMD components is provided by teaching the pickup/placement position easily.

– Alignment: Flying Vision + Stage Vision
– Spindle & Speed: 1 Gantry * 6 Spindle /30,000 CPH
– Accuracy: ±40μm@±3σ (Chip) / ±30μm@±3σ(QFP)
– Component: Fly: 0402 ~ 14mm / Fix: ~55mm, L75mm Connector
– Dimension: L 1,650 x D 1,680 x H 2,090

SM Plus Series